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We’re partnering with Daily Dose Jax to bring you a fun, cozy art contest to showcase the amazing art you make, inspire others, and give you a chance to win gift cards for Daily Dose!

Just share your work through the form below. 

Two winners will then be chosen: One via voting on social media, the other via “judges” (most likely the baristas or members of the GAAM team).

Winners will be announced on GAAM’s and Daily Dose Jax’s social media and contacted around August 31st. Their work will also be up on display at Daily Dose!

Good luck!

About Artist’s Rights and GAAM 🙂

GAAM does not have the right to sell the artist’s work without the artist’s permission.

The work is not to be produced and/or sold for additional posters, prints, t-shirts, or any other merchandise, physical or digital.

The artist retains all rights to their work, and grants GAAM a license to only display their work at events, online and for advertising and promotional instances.


By entering this contest, you’re also opting into communications from GAAM in the future, and possible communications from Daily Dose. Come on, it’s 2023. You know everybody wants your data and nothing is REALLY free.

At least our emails typically have a funny gif or something in em. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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