About GAAM

GAAM is Games Art And Music. GAAM’s current goal is the GAAM Show, a Games Art And Music Charity Show that will raise money for the Child’s Play Charity, and help spread awareness and acceptance of gaming’s impact on our culture, the warmth they give our childhoods, and the creative spark it gives our adulthood. Gaming is the meeting of art and technology, and this show recognizes and appreciates that.

The Games Art And Music Charity Show takes place December 14, 2012, at The Museum at 4160 Boulevard Center Dr, Jacksonville, FL. It officially starts at 6pm, and officially ends at 11pm.
Local artists, Edmund Dansart, Logan Zawacki, Derrick Nevado, and Ryan Paul Thompson
have collaborated over the past year to create a local event that appreciates and celebrates the video game culture, and bring attention to the SouthEast.

This is a one night only event that has the support of many in the video game industry, including award winning game industry and hollywood composer Penka Kouneva , EA Games, Game designer and author Chris Solarski, Square Enix (well known for Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, and Dragon Quest), Valve, Team Ninja, and others.

The event will feature several art exhibitions, include a charity art auction where 100% of the proceeds will go to Child’s Play, a juried art show for other artists to showcase their work, a real world Super Mario Experiential Exhibit by Jessica Tan and Holli Nygren, famous cosplayer Candy Keane, DJ Nes, martial arts demonstrations by Nevado Karate Arts, and more.

If everything is a success, hopefully we can turn this into a yearly event and continue to spread video games, art, and music while helping good causes! 🙂

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here.

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GAAM: Games Art And Music